Position Statements

  • Address critical issues affecting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families
  • Advance public policy and raise public awareness of The Arc’s views
  • Address issues affecting Minnesota

The Arc’s position statements address critical issues related to human and civil rights, treatment, and services and programs for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) and their families.

Position statements are used to advance The Arc’s public policy goals, as well as inform our members, chapters, stakeholders and the general public on what The Arc stands for and the current organizational view on key issues affecting people with I/DD and their families. The Arc of the U.S. has more than 30 position statements on rights, life in the community, quality of life, and systems. These are also the positions that The Arc Minnesota and local chapters use in their public policy and public awareness efforts. The full list of those statements is on The Arc of the U.S. website.

Occasionally, The Arc Minnesota encounters issues specific to our state that are not addressed in the national position statements. With the input and approval of local affiliated chapters and our members, we have adopted position statements to address those specific issues.

The task force this year has drafted revisions on the current statements on Parental Fees and Self-Directed Services needed updates and revisions.  In addition, it drafted two new statements:  one on the need to increase income and asset limits so people with disabilities can qualify for Medical Assistance and not be forced into poverty, and one on issues facing Direct Care Professionals.  The drafts of these four statements are now posted online.

We welcome comments from members of The Arc on these drafts.  Input from our members is crucial; it helps ensure that our positions reflect our members’ views.  Please submit your comments on these statements by Thursday, July 14, 2016.  Thanks in advance for your feedback!